Technical Services
  • Java Web Application Design and Development
  • We undertake web application development using the following technologies:

    • Oracle ADF and TopLink
    • Struts
    • Java ServerFaces (Trinidad and Tomahawk)
    • Spring MVC
    • Hibernate, for data access layer
    • JBoss/Tomcat/WebLogic, for middleware layer

    We undertake all these phases of development for web applications:

    • Requirements gathering/ Discovery workshop. Delivery from this phase will be Software Requirements Specifications(SRS) document.
    • Development phase. The delivery from this phase is the source code and unit test documents along with the build scripts and automated testing scripts. The build scripts will be ant or maven scripts. A script will be provided to automate packaging of the web application as well as deploying it in the server.
    • System/Integration testing. We do the integration testing with other components as well as the full-flow system testing.
    • User acceptance tests. In this phase, we will work along with the customer and make sure that the application is performing as good as had been layed down by the customer at the requirements stage.

  • Health Check of Web Applications
  • Following are the salient features of the software healthcheck we provide:

    • As a part of the healthcheck, we will review all the design documents and source code.
    • From the design review, we come up with a set of recommendations; which include best practices, architecture, and design patterns that can be applied.
    • From the source-code review, we generate a set of reports which include coding style reports, potential pit-falls and test coverage reports.
    • The reviews are done by an expert having more than 15 years of experience in the field of Java.

Writing Services
  • SEO-based Content Writing: With the massive spread of internet and websites, it has become very difficult to reach out to the target audience and to appear on Page 1 in organic searches. Our Search Engine Optimized (SEO) Content helps you to achieve the maximum out of your website.

  • Article Writing: We provide keyword-optimized and keyword-dense articles of the highest quality as per your specifications. We can do articles requiring extensive research and on complex and varied topics. Our articles are SEO-optimized and of the highest quality. We have done many articles for We are working with many Indian and international clients.

  • Content Development for Websites: It is essential for a website to have the right content in order to reach out to its target audience. The text ought to be clear, simple yet classy and easy to understand. It is important to understand the role of powerful content as being crucial way above the gimmickry of design. Let the content hold you, enthrall you and entice you to buy your service or product. Our Website Content Writing professionals help you to design your content in such a way, which can help fulfill your objectives. Our content is 100% original, extensively researched, grammatically perfect, proof read and edited. We keep in mind SEO techniques and keyword usage. We have done various projects providing content for Travel, Financial, Musical, Personal, Technical websites among others. We also provide Consultancy inputs based upon your industry regarding the content and look of your website.

  • Blog Posts: We provide you well-researched blog posts in conversational or formal tones to suit your requirements. We can provide you regular blog posts to update your blogs. Our posts are SEO-optimized to generate maximum traffic for your website. Our posts are original and written in impeccable English.

  • Report Writing and e-book Writing: We have done reports on a variety of subjects ranging from Change Management, Importance of SMM, Women's health issues, Cloud Computing and so on. We also do short e-books on any topic. All our content is thoroughly researched and original.

  • Proofreading and Editing: We provide proofreading and editing services for your content.

Resource Augmentation

We outsource Oracle and Java professionals to organizations for their requirements. These experienced professionals come with our seal of quality. We outsource professionals for:

  • Short and Long-term projects on a Contractual basis.
  • Placement with an organization

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